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At the time when I signed this I had no idea what i was signing. I did not even know what arbitration was. When I signed the Atlas Account I was led to believe that these people were trained professionals and were on my side, a win/win situation. Not a they win/you loose situation, but look how hard they fight now that the tables have turned! I had no prior investment experience, no legal experience and no attorney advising me unlike Monex who has a team of in-house attorneys working against you. (Am I a little but gullible? Maybe. Well, Im not a liar or a thief so I dont expect to be treated that way either.) I was never given any advice as to the risks with regards to my overall financial strategy, only that it was a "sure thing" and that I was "congratulated" as they proceeded lie to me scam me out of my future. I am now homeless, broke and living a lifestyle that anyone at Monex could not endure for even a few days. Did the operators of Monex loose their house, business and their entire futures at the same time I did? No, they had their money invested in a safe way, unlike me. They pressured me down a path of utter destruction while they made even more money that the millions they already had.

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